Tuesday, September 25, 2012

TWIGGY (my personal favorite on NYFW Sping 2013 : MARC JACOBS)

Mod Squad Finale @ Marc Jacobs Spring 2013
Just when you thought Marc gonna do things, he blown you away with something more unique and unexpected. The last two season-Spring and Fall 2012-he went glamour and uber sexy, but this time he keep it simple yet show you FASHION.

The influence of 60's is really strong-"twiggy-esque" hair for the model, and the mod style. Jacobs was arrowing back to the Factory, the icy pinnacle of New York cool where Edie reigned as the archetypal It girl, and the monochrome, amphetamine-sharp brilliance of the designer's vision cut a precise swathe through all the uncertain murk that swirls around pop culture right now.

The collection consists of T-shirt, coat, slip, skirt, suit, bra, etc., etc., etc. No embellishment needed. Jacobs distilled a radical moment of transition in style, between the suited young ladies of the early sixties and the free spirits of the later part of the decade, passing from preppy-proper to pilled-out style icon in her patent leather and leopard spots, petaled hems and smudgy mascara-ed eyes. And stripes. So many stripes, parallel lines, black and white and sequined, like Lou Reed lyrics coming to life.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


From left to right: 
  1. Alexander Wang--The wonderboy strikes again! This time, he experiment with fabric and volumes. As usual his designs are really edgy, yet it still shows some femininity-like in the dresses with skin-color lining. He also make a statement by made the fabric glow in the dark shown at the finale-which is why he didn't allow any guests to take pictures with flash light. Overall I think he did a tremendous job. 
  2. Rodarte--Inspired by 'The Game Of Thrones', Mulleavys sisters gave their own take on medieval time clothes-like a marine blue silk gown with marquetry embroidery cinching its middle. There are also a couple of looks that inspired by the hardness of hauberk. What makes this a great collection, is because they don't take it too over the nose. It still looks modern. 
  3. Altuzarra--Classic women with a twist. That's what his designs are. His fabrics deserve a mention, too: railroad stripes like the OshKosh overalls you wore as a kid (one of the week's burgeoning trends), and a brown the exact same shade of clay that Carhartt uses. And the jackets are really interesting. Instead of wear it with the sleeves, he made it more like a cape. What bothers me is the gladiators. I feel like it's too over the top. But overall his designs are magnificent.
  4. Jason Wu--I'm shocked. Seriously, I am! I can't believe that this is the same Jason Wu that made the white dress for Michelle Obama. His designs which usually are sweet and clean has changed with this bare, dark collection. Bralet, mostly nude and black collection with leather harnesses, and black net veils are things that he poured it on. 
  5. Prabal Gurung--Inspired by Anish Kapoor's works (google him!) and traditional kurtas that his mother and sister wear at home in Nepal, Gurung made an-almost-androgynous collection. Asymmetric tailcoat and trousers and wispy, kurtalike chiffon tunic had a fresh feel. But there are also a handful of dresses with Gurung's touch. 
 You can look at the complete collection on Vogue.com

Saturday, September 22, 2012


IT'S TIME FOR THE MOST HECTIC MONTH! not only because it's Fashion Week, but it's also because I have tons of tests ahead this month. But I'll try my best to write my reviews! :)

Sincerely, yesferdinand

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


REST IN PEACE, dear my love Anna Piaggi.
Fashion Week will never be the same without your quirkiness.
Your eclectic and over the top style will never be forgotten.
You forever will not be just Karl's muse, but OUR MUSE!

 Your forever fan, yesaya.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Some of my instagram pictures taken on my 3-week holiday. I love you guys @elaineprilly @danielhermawan @daityoctaviany @laurencafebby! YOU MADE MY HOLIDAY ;)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

FLOWER SALON (Dior Couture Fall 2012)

Flowery Set @ Dior Couture Fall 2012 show
Fashion had seen nothing like it for years. Outside in the street, there was hysteria. Inside, the industry's great and good—Alaïa, Elbaz, Jacobs, Theyskens, Tisci, Van Assche, Versace, von Furstenberg—gathered to see Raf Simons debut his first haute couture collection for Christian Dior. 

Finally, The most anticipated show on Couture week has been done. Raf Simon's debut as the new creative director of Dior's womenswear was certainly not disappointing. From salons lined ceiling to floor with panels of blooms: delphiniums in the blue room, orchids in the white room, mimosa in the yellow room-which told took more than a million flowers, to the amazing details on the clothes, Raf was simply telling us his vision for the new Dior in his hand.

As Style.com said, his designs are quote 'Setting The Bar'. He brings back the original Christian Dior designs, which are simple, elegant, with an exquisite details. Lately, we used to see Dior clothes in Galliano's vision, which are Big and Bold. So for me, this was definitely a breath of fresh air.


His collection was consist of a number of stunning-detailed short dresses paired with troussers, a few black suits, simple new look-silhouette dresses in red, pink, yellow, prints-some with sleeves, some are bustier cut, and simple gowns.


Let's face it. I'M SUCH A BAD BLOGGER. My last post was on April 6th, WHICH IS 3 MONTHS AGO! Well I would like to apologize for that.
So, since I've finished all my exam and currently having a holiday, I surely promise you to post more frequent. And besides, it's already Paris Couture Week, so I'm gonna write reviews of designers that I love. From Dior-talk about Raf's debut, Givenchy, and many more.

CHEERS, yesaya.

Friday, April 6, 2012


My current playlist. Hope you love the songs as much as I do.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


ALIENATED FUR (my favourite paris fashion week show pt.2)

Space-like Runway @ Alexander Mcqueen Fall 2012

As what the fashion critics say, that you can expect the unexpected in Alexander Mcqueen show. "It's always something new, avant-garde, and-of course-beautiful. That particular presentation found savage beauty in darkness and despair. Quintessential McQueen, in other words. But today, Sarah Burton well and truly laid those old ghosts to rest with a show that celebrated, in her words, "a beautiful future, positivity, optimism."" (style.com)

The collection consists of a black, white, baby pink, and red colours. There are black-and-white dresses with laser-cut laces. Then they began to open out, first into cherry blossoms (maybe it was that Japanese connotation that triggered visions of a manga army with the models' uniform white wigs, sci-fi visors, and Rollerball booties), next into "doilies" of laser-cut ponyskin mounted on leather, and finally fur pompoms. Then the pods exploded, like puffballs, into extravagantly shaggy shapes in goat fur, ostrich feather, or Mongolian lamb, their shivering undulation evoking another organic association: anemones swaying in the tide. I think this is one of the best collections from Sarah Burton's (besides the Spring 2012 collection).

xoxo, yesferdinand

Thursday, March 8, 2012

CRYSTAL PATHWAY (my favourite paris fashion week show pt. 1)

The Crystal Pathway @ Chanel Fall 2012

Just by seeing the Runway, I was already excited when I first saw the collection. Karl really inspired by the crystals which actually looked like the Krypton cave from the Superman movies. And he actually incorporated the crystals as models' eyebrows. The strips of crystal that defined each model's brows were a microcosmic rendition of the show's grand design.

The collection was consist of a proportion of a three-piece suit—jacket, skirt, and pants  with midnight blue, black, burgundy, and grey colour, a number of dresses and blouses with pastel colours, bright blue, and purple-pastely prints. The inspiration also took place on the texture of the garments, such as jeans with the streaky grain of rock formations, in the knits that looked like layers of sediment, and in a scatter of moonstones across a sweater dress. Overall, I think this is a great collection.

xoxo, yesferdinand