Sunday, September 23, 2012


From left to right: 
  1. Alexander Wang--The wonderboy strikes again! This time, he experiment with fabric and volumes. As usual his designs are really edgy, yet it still shows some femininity-like in the dresses with skin-color lining. He also make a statement by made the fabric glow in the dark shown at the finale-which is why he didn't allow any guests to take pictures with flash light. Overall I think he did a tremendous job. 
  2. Rodarte--Inspired by 'The Game Of Thrones', Mulleavys sisters gave their own take on medieval time clothes-like a marine blue silk gown with marquetry embroidery cinching its middle. There are also a couple of looks that inspired by the hardness of hauberk. What makes this a great collection, is because they don't take it too over the nose. It still looks modern. 
  3. Altuzarra--Classic women with a twist. That's what his designs are. His fabrics deserve a mention, too: railroad stripes like the OshKosh overalls you wore as a kid (one of the week's burgeoning trends), and a brown the exact same shade of clay that Carhartt uses. And the jackets are really interesting. Instead of wear it with the sleeves, he made it more like a cape. What bothers me is the gladiators. I feel like it's too over the top. But overall his designs are magnificent.
  4. Jason Wu--I'm shocked. Seriously, I am! I can't believe that this is the same Jason Wu that made the white dress for Michelle Obama. His designs which usually are sweet and clean has changed with this bare, dark collection. Bralet, mostly nude and black collection with leather harnesses, and black net veils are things that he poured it on. 
  5. Prabal Gurung--Inspired by Anish Kapoor's works (google him!) and traditional kurtas that his mother and sister wear at home in Nepal, Gurung made an-almost-androgynous collection. Asymmetric tailcoat and trousers and wispy, kurtalike chiffon tunic had a fresh feel. But there are also a handful of dresses with Gurung's touch. 
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