Tuesday, March 20, 2012


ALIENATED FUR (my favourite paris fashion week show pt.2)

Space-like Runway @ Alexander Mcqueen Fall 2012

As what the fashion critics say, that you can expect the unexpected in Alexander Mcqueen show. "It's always something new, avant-garde, and-of course-beautiful. That particular presentation found savage beauty in darkness and despair. Quintessential McQueen, in other words. But today, Sarah Burton well and truly laid those old ghosts to rest with a show that celebrated, in her words, "a beautiful future, positivity, optimism."" (style.com)

The collection consists of a black, white, baby pink, and red colours. There are black-and-white dresses with laser-cut laces. Then they began to open out, first into cherry blossoms (maybe it was that Japanese connotation that triggered visions of a manga army with the models' uniform white wigs, sci-fi visors, and Rollerball booties), next into "doilies" of laser-cut ponyskin mounted on leather, and finally fur pompoms. Then the pods exploded, like puffballs, into extravagantly shaggy shapes in goat fur, ostrich feather, or Mongolian lamb, their shivering undulation evoking another organic association: anemones swaying in the tide. I think this is one of the best collections from Sarah Burton's (besides the Spring 2012 collection).

xoxo, yesferdinand

Thursday, March 8, 2012

CRYSTAL PATHWAY (my favourite paris fashion week show pt. 1)

The Crystal Pathway @ Chanel Fall 2012

Just by seeing the Runway, I was already excited when I first saw the collection. Karl really inspired by the crystals which actually looked like the Krypton cave from the Superman movies. And he actually incorporated the crystals as models' eyebrows. The strips of crystal that defined each model's brows were a microcosmic rendition of the show's grand design.

The collection was consist of a proportion of a three-piece suit—jacket, skirt, and pants  with midnight blue, black, burgundy, and grey colour, a number of dresses and blouses with pastel colours, bright blue, and purple-pastely prints. The inspiration also took place on the texture of the garments, such as jeans with the streaky grain of rock formations, in the knits that looked like layers of sediment, and in a scatter of moonstones across a sweater dress. Overall, I think this is a great collection.

xoxo, yesferdinand

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


LOVING ADELE'S VOGUE US March 2012 cover. She looks AH-MAZEBALLS! shot by MERT&MARCUS. 
Courtesy of: Vogue.com

Monday, March 5, 2012


You probably realized that all my blog post has been lost. Well, I accidentally deleted all of it while I was working with the blog design. So, this is actually my time to make a new FRESH START. I change my banner & my blog name into IT'S BANANAS (I know, it's SCREAM Rachel Zoe). Well I'm inspired by Prada Spring 2011's banana prints. I think is quirky but clever-just like moi. Then, I updated all the other blog accessories. It's actually fun to redesigning all of it.

Before, I always say that, oh this is a fashion blog, and blah blah. But now I have a motto for this blog, I SHARE WHAT I LIKE, and fashion is just one of them.

Well it's been a busy month, all those tests and assignment and high school problems, it's been sucking all my life-and my blogging time-like a snap. But I think I'll be blogging more-fingers cross- 'cause I read a quote last night, it said that "IF you blog 1 posts a week, you'll be a good blogger. But If you blog 7 days a week, YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD". well, hopefully I can change your world.  Who knows?

XOXO, yesferdinand.