Monday, March 5, 2012


You probably realized that all my blog post has been lost. Well, I accidentally deleted all of it while I was working with the blog design. So, this is actually my time to make a new FRESH START. I change my banner & my blog name into IT'S BANANAS (I know, it's SCREAM Rachel Zoe). Well I'm inspired by Prada Spring 2011's banana prints. I think is quirky but clever-just like moi. Then, I updated all the other blog accessories. It's actually fun to redesigning all of it.

Before, I always say that, oh this is a fashion blog, and blah blah. But now I have a motto for this blog, I SHARE WHAT I LIKE, and fashion is just one of them.

Well it's been a busy month, all those tests and assignment and high school problems, it's been sucking all my life-and my blogging time-like a snap. But I think I'll be blogging more-fingers cross- 'cause I read a quote last night, it said that "IF you blog 1 posts a week, you'll be a good blogger. But If you blog 7 days a week, YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD". well, hopefully I can change your world.  Who knows?

XOXO, yesferdinand.